VFA CMO Covers Prioritizing School Maintenance in American Schools & Universities

April 24, 2014



Neil Lieberman, CMO at VFA, was recently featured in the April issue of American Schools & Universities. In his article, ‘Prioritizing School Maintenance: What, When, and Why?’  Neil covers the methodology behind prioritization as well as the strategy to maximizing the value of your capital spend. Read an excerpt below and follow the link to the full article.



Prioritizing School Maintenance: What, When, and Why?

Most facilities teams at schools, colleges and universities face the same dilemma: literally hundreds of capital projects and a limited budget.  The challenge is finding an effective facilities capital planning process for balancing short-term needs with longer-term goals. Such a process will ensure that valuable funds are not spent on the wrong projects, that costly emergency repairs and downtime are avoided, and that key stakeholders feel confident that scarce capital funds are being well used.  Implementing a consistent and objective methodology for prioritization of facilities capital projects is a key step in achieving these goals and in aligning spending with organizational objectives.

Given this never-ending challenge, schools must find an effective approach to prioritization of projects that takes out the guesswork and politics.  By relying on solid data and a clear understanding of organizational objectives, facilities managers can determine what to do first and demonstrate how they reached those conclusions.

Items that are critical to the continuous operation of key facilities must be prioritized to the top of the list, and cannot be lost in the chaos of budget cuts.  Whether a facility contains classrooms, gyms, or faculty offices, if it serves the mission of the organization, its condition is crucial, and its shutdown can have serious consequences.

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