VFA.auditor v4.8 Key Features

March 28, 2014

VFA.auditor Product News

Custom Field Support (Mobile app)

  • Full support for Asset and System level custom data, limited* support for Requirement level fields.
  • Custom data has joined the survey party… now they are so popular and the standard data is jealous.

Enhanced Mobile App Settings

  • New app setting options allow you to enable/disable photo date-time stamps and default to specific content in the mobile library (great if you’re looking to use custom content)
  • We’re testing the option to detect when you’re hungry so Auditor can order your lunch from the local Subway (the unofficial lunch spot of VFA assessors).

Enhanced Data Entry and Navigation

  • Updated System “Years Remaining” Editing – Now users can directly edit the year instead of using the +/- buttons – yes I know those buttons were so 2013.
  • “Age-based” shortcut button – A button so advanced it gives you the information before you press it… NASA might be calling us on this one.
  • Requirement Count – No more guessing if a Requirement is hiding behind the System curtain; we now tell you. Communication is essential for a happy assessment.
  • Editable Renewal Requirements – Didn’t we already do this? Yes I know, Auditor is like the little brother, always getting the hand-me-downs.
  • Previous / Next Buttons for Requirements – From the Requirement detail view, you now can go to the previous or next Requirement… this is amazing stuff!

For more details about the features listed above, check out What’s New in VFA.auditor v4.8.

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