Facilities Leader Ken Fletcher: Did You Know?

January 10, 2014


Learn more about our upcoming webinar speaker, Ken Fletcher!

Job Title: Deputy Director of Facilities

Company: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Ken has over 27 years of facilities experience in a national laboratory physical plant environment. At Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Ken manages their Facilities Division Operation’s Department which includes Plant Maintenance and Repairs, Site Utilities, Transportation and logistics, and Site Services. With technology, process change and stakeholder buy-in, Ken and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have taken facilities capital planning and management to the next level, delivering strategic value in line with the Lab’s mission and goals.

In June 2013 Ken was awarded the Platinum award of Excellence in Facility Management. He was recognized for Berkeley Lab‘s Facilities Division’s ability to develop an effective and efficient way to critically evaluate facility sustainability and identify cost-effective measures to support their ability to meet government sustainability mandate requirements. Read more about the award.

Did you know? 13 Berkeley Lab researchers have won a Nobel prize! Most recently, Saul Perlmutter in 2011!

Tune into VFA’s free webinar on Thursday, January 16th to learn how Berkeley Lab used process redesign, sophisticated data analysis and innovative technology to successfully transform facilities capital planning into a strategic initiative that supports the Lab’s critical mission.

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