Facility Manager Chekov to the Bridge

January 24, 2014

The facility manager is working away tirelessly in the bowels of the massive USS Enterprise when he hears his name booming over the loudspeaker. “Chekov, please report to the bridge.” When he arrives, he finds out that there are t-minus 15 minutes until a massive meteor shower strikes. The captain wants to know the state of the shields.  Chekov accesses his facility panel and confirms that the condition of the shields was assessed last year and the deficiencies found were remediated two months ago. The ship is well equipped to weather the approaching storm, he has set the captain’s mind at ease, and his strategic approach to deferred maintenance has elevated his position in the organization.

All in a day's work

You may not need to protect your facility from meteor showers, but how many times have you watched “Star Trek” and wished that the technology existed today? The truth is that some of it does. With a strategic facilities capital planning program in place, you can have a real time view of the state of your facility so when you get called by your “captain,” you have answers supported by hard data – making it possible for your facilities to live long and prosper.

Learn more about VFA’s approach to strategic facilities capital planning here.

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