Facilities Capital Planning at CAPPA

As the leader in facilities capital planning and management solutions, VFA will be exhibiting at the CAPPA Annual Conference 2013 from September 29th through October 1st in Galveston, Texas.  CAPPA is the Central Association of Physical Plant Administrators in institutions, or systems of institutions, which meet the eligibility criteria of higher education, technology, or K-12. We are a regional chapter of APPA consisting of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and the Canadian province of Manitoba and territory of Nunavut. This year, the Annual Conference coincides with the 60th anniversary of CAPPA, so it’s sure to be one of the best events yet.

VFA will be there starting on Sunday, exhibiting at booth #518. Make sure to stop by our booth to learn more about VFA.auditor or  VFA.facility or to just say ‘hi’! We’ll be there until the end of the expo on October 1st.

See you in Galveston!

Facilities Capital Planning at ERAPPAAs the leader in facilities capital planning and management solutions, VFA will be exhibiting at 2013 ERAPPA Annual Meeting from September 29th through October 1st in Rochester, NY.  The Annual Meeting always provides the perfect opportunity to learn about common trends in facilities capital planning and solutions for frequent challenges faced on campus. With the theme of “Focusing on the Future”, ERAPPA’s 2013 Annual Meeting is sure to be an interesting, innovative event.

Make sure to stop by the VFA booth, number 42! We will be raffling an Apple TV. You’ll have the chance to learn about solutions for facility data collection, including facility condition assessments tailored for your needs and our patented facility self-assessment solution, VFA.auditor®. Combining the power of mobile technologies, including the iPad® and Android™ tablet, with VFA’s extensive facility condition assessment experience, VFA.auditor enables organizations to utilize in-house resources to quickly and cost-effectively conduct assessments.

Keeping your facility data current is the best way to ensure that you can make the best decisions about what to spend, how much to spend, and what projects to do first. VFA can help with decision-making, too – with our solutions, you can analyze your data, get reports and present your defensible budget requests to management.

See you at ERAPPA’s Annual Meeting!

The VFA User Forum, bringing together facilities management leaders from across North America, begins tonight at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria. We’re excited to welcome all the new attendees as well as User Forum veterans. With the registration list finalized, we’re excited to announce that this year’s VFA User Forum will be the largest yet.

VFA User Forum- Fairmont Empress

In a previous blog post, we discussed all the exciting events happening at the VFA User Forum: exciting customer speakers, thought-provoking roundtables, and the opportunity to hear directly from VFA executives on the latest facilities capital planning and management solutions. If you want a closer look at what you’ll be experiencing, the agenda for the VFA User Forum is available online.

The User Forum is definitely going to be a wonderful experience and we’re excited to see you all there! Remember to follow us on twitter @VFAInc and @VFACanada. Also, use the hashtag #VFAForum2013.

VFA to Feature Facility Self-Assessment Solution at PCAPPA Annual Conference

Facility Self-Assessment Programs Help Standardize Data Collection Process

BOSTON—September 16, 2013—VFA, Inc., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management, today announced it is featuring its facility self-assessment solution, VFA.auditor®, at the Pacific Coast Region of APPA (PCAPPA) Annual Conference taking place September 15-17, 2013, in San Diego. VFA is exhibiting in Booth 509.

VFA helps higher educational institutions, from state university systems to private colleges, as well as public schools systems, to maximize their current investment in facilities and infrastructure while effectively planning for future needs. Universities, colleges and public schools need to demonstrate the need for funding and create capital budgets based on accurate, objective data. VFA.auditor offers facility managers an efficient and cost-effective way to gather reliable facility condition data across campus facilities and prioritize identified issues.

Combining the power of mobile technologies, including the iPad® and Android™ tablet, with the company’s extensive facilities assessment experience, VFA.auditor enables schools to utilize in-house resources to quickly and cost-effectively conduct assessments. VFA.auditor provides users with an extensive collection of intelligent surveys to rapidly and consistently collect data about the condition of facilities and major building systems. Integration with VFA.facility® capital planning and management software lets schools take advantage of robust prioritization, business intelligence and what-if scenario tools to develop a defensible capital plan.

To connect with VFA, please follow us on Twitter at @VFAINC, or visit our blog, Foundations, which provides information to readers that serves as a foundation for intelligent facilities capital planning and management.

The Facilities Management Challenge:
Reactive facilities management is a typical problem. Most facility managers and their teams spend the vast majority of time fixing things that are broken – and often finding out about what’s broken because a call was made to an executive and everything becomes a fire drill. The facilities team is stuck in an endless loop of reacting to emails and phone calls. Of course, it’s not possible to fix everything that is broken or that will break, but it IS possible to have a plan.

What’s the Solution?

Watch as Marco Benitez of Florida International University talks about the importance of proactive facilities management – and a solution for this constant challenge.

Learn more about how VFA enables facility teams to be proactive by visiting the Resource Center.

PCAPPA facilities capital planning

As the leader in facilities capital planning and management solutions, VFA will be exhibiting at PCAPPA’s 2013 Conference from September 15th through September 17th in San Diego. With a theme of “Waves of Change,” there will definitely be some innovative presentations from the profession’s top thought leaders on the current and future state of educational facilities. PCAPPA provides the perfect opportunity to learn about common trends in the facilities capital planning industry and solutions for frequent challenges faced on campus.

VFA will be there at PCAPPA this weekend at booth #509, so make sure to stop by! We will also be raffling an Amazon Kindle; instructions on how to enter will be provided at the booth. PCAPPA is sure to be a good time and we hope to see you there!

Also, in honor of PCAPPA, we will be releasing a video of Marco Benitez, from Florida International University, discussing proactive versus reactive facility management later this week. Keep an eye on the blog and follow us on \Twitter to see when we’ll be posting it!

On September 18-19th the VFA User Forum takes place at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia. The event features excellent learning and networking opportunities for facilities leaders, with exciting customer speakers, thought-provoking roundtables, and the opportunity to hear directly from VFA executives.

Take a look at the updated agenda, and get excited! If you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late.

Customer Speakers at the VFA User Forum

We have a stellar line-up of customer speakers this year. Sharing their knowledge with us are Marcel Gingras, P.Eng, and Lt Cl. (Ret) Jon Burbee from Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, Darryl Boyce from Carleton University, and Pete Jansen from the City of Richmond. Topics range from leadership in facilities capital planning to managing the facility portfolio to building a foundation for facilities sustainment. All sessions are bound to be enlightening, so try to attend as many as possible. If you can’t, keep an eye on the blog because we’ll be posting video clips from the conference afterwards.

Topical RoundTables at the VFA User Forum

In addition to exciting speakers, we will also have topical roundtables. Currently, the lineup is as follows:

1. Energy/Sustainability

2. Capital Spend Management

3. Site Linear

4. Risk

5. Holistic Views into Facility Data

Changes are always possible, so make sure to check the latest agenda; you can also follow VFA on Twitter to track updates for this event (and all things VFA).



While we are running the event, you can be sure that VFA will also be participating. Many VFA leaders will be speaking – don’t miss Jim Streeter’s talk about trends in facilities capital planning – as well as leading roundtable discussions and presenting demonstrations of VFA’s facilities capital planning and management solutions.

Are you excited yet? Remember to register and get ready for a great experience at the VFA User Forum!

Facility Management Journal

Today, facility managers can right-size the cost of gathering facility condition data using VFA.auditor. Take control and turn data into winning funding requests.

  • Self-service: Leverage existing facility staff knowledge with proven best-practice guidance
  • Consistent: Standardized assessment solution ensures consistent data across an entire portfolio
  • Efficient: use the latest mobile technology to improve speed and accuracy
  • Credibility and Results: current data enables better decisions

VFA.auditor is the mobile self-assessment tool for gathering facility condition data. VFA.auditor combines the power of mobile technologies, including the iPad® and Android™ tablet, with VFA’s extensive facilities assessment experience, enabling facility managers to utilize their own resources to quickly and cost-effectively conduct facility condition assessments. Check out the key benefits of adding a self-assessment approach to your facility condition assessment repertoire.

VFA.auditor Infographic
Visit the VFA.auditor page to see what our customers are saying.

Many organizations are considering using their own facility staff to conduct facility condition assessments of their buildings. Getting started with a facility self-assessment program, however, can be intimidating. VFA Navigator enables organizations to be successful in deploying a productive self-assessment program through the use of VFA.auditor, a patented cloud-based guided self-assessment solution that provides facility managers with surveys to rapidly collect facility and building condition data.

The VFA team delivers a three-step program of planning, training and support:

  • Establish clear, achievable goals for the facility self-assessment program
  • On-site VFA training and assessment walk-through
  • Personalized “Ask-the-Expert” support and formal check-in to ensure that the program is successful

VFA Navigator was developed based on lessons learned in the field, and leverages best practices to support a smooth transition to a productive facility self-assessment program. The program is implemented by the highly experienced VFA Consulting team, providing a comprehensive end-to-end walk-through of VFA.auditor software, process, workflow, and best practices.

VFA.auditor helps facility managers to accurately, rapidly, and efficiently assess their facilities. VFA Navigator ensures their success.

VFA Navigator Program