VFA.auditor v4.7 Key Features

December 28, 2013

VFA.auditor Product News

New Look – Enhanced UI

  • Inspired by VFA FacilityView but with its own personality – other HTML5 apps will be jealous.

Multiple Photo Linking Support

  • Systems and Requirements everywhere will rejoice – now each can have up to 6 linked photos!

Mobile Survey Submit

  • Now users can submit their completed surveys right from their Mobile device … giving them more time to update their Facebook status.

Splitting Existing Requirements

  • Sometimes 1 needs to be 2 when 30% has been completed – makes perfect sense right?

Photo Storage Status

  • After extensive research we discovered it was better to tell users how much storage they actually have before they run out – who knew?

For more details about the features listed above, check out What’s New in VFA.auditor v4.7.

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