Famous Facility Manager: Tony Stark Saves NYC – Again

November 8, 2013

Disclaimer: VFA does not own any Marvel characters or rights to them. (If we could, though, we’d want to own Captain America.)


When Loki’s army attacked New York City, the Avengers saved the day. The same, sadly, could not be said for the buildings. In the wake of the alien invasion, most of Manhattan was leveled and it was up to one Tony Stark to rebuild it.

“Yeah, somehow Fury pinned me with the blame,” Iron Man operator Tony Stark tells VFA, “Saving New York from the Nuke apparently doesn’t save you from the clean-up. But after destroying my own convention, I’ve got the experience I need.”

Together with his faithful assistant Pepper Potts, the billionaire-playboy-philanthropist was able to rebuild New York City by late fall; just in time for the city to dress up in tinsel for the upcoming holiday season. $160 billion of damages were repaired in a little over seven months.

Of course, we would hardly expect less from a super hero. However, this alacrity isn’t just due to his penchant for building futuristic cyber-kinetic suits. Tony Stark had another trick up his sleeve: VFA.facility.

After the destruction Stark previously caused, he learned that the best way to recover from a disaster is to be prepared before it strikes.  With access to a centralized, Web-based repository of facility condition data, he was able to run a report showing all the systems and their condition. Knowing exactly what assets the City had, exactly what needed to be replaced, and how much it would cost, Stark accelerated the process by months.

Tony Stark streamlined the rebuild of Manhattan. You can be a super hero with your facilities capital planning, too.

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  1. jrod says:

    No mention of the fact that Stark Tower is off the grid? Making it a green building. Come on!

  2. Erin Markov says:

    That didn’t even occur to us! That’s a great idea. If you have any other ideas for our famous facility manager posts, you should share!

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