Famous Facilities: Plimoth Plantation

November 27, 2013

We’re bringing you our Fun Friday series early this week in celebration of Thanksgiving! Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts is a historic landmark as well as the living legacy of the first settlers of New England. Plymouth, spelt with a ‘y’, is actually the modern spelling, and the not-for-profit museum pays tribute to the original settlement by keeping the original name. Nevertheless, using the original name is not the only way the spirit of history is kept alive: the facilities continue to resemble those of the original colony.

When most facilities are managed, there are generally two goals in mind.

  • Maintaining the current structure in good condition
  • Improving the facility to keep up with compliance and/or modern standards

Grist Mill
Historic buildings add a level of complexity; these unique assets are important to include in a facility condition assessment (FCA). The condition of a 17th-century Grist Mill should be evaluated to ensure that any potential issues are flagged.

The famous facilities of Plimoth Plantation, site of the first Thanksgiving, were vital to the survival of the colonists and their families. It’s wonderful that we can still see this historic location, preserved through the centuries.

Happy Thanksgiving from VFA to you!

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