VFA FacilityView™ – Unlock the Value of VFA.facility Data

November 14, 2013

Here at VFA, we are excited to announce the release of our latest product which makes it easy for facility managers to align capital plans with strategic goals:   VFA FacilityView™.

VFA FacilityView unlocks the value of VFA.facility® data for key stakeholders, such as executives, building users and community members, and provides quick and secure access to important information about a real estate portfolio, delivered via a desktop or mobile tablet. VFA FacilityView is included as part of a VFA.facility® software subscription, allowing facility managers to easily extend the value of VFA.facility data across their organizations.


With VFA FacilityView, users can:

  • Quickly Find Assets : Search for regions, campuses or assets by name or select groups of assets that match criteria.  Save searches for easy future reference.
  • View Multiple Levels of Detail:  See summary information about a group of assets, such as type, use, age, replacement value and condition, browse an asset list and map, or view details about an individual asset, including requirements by priority, category or system.
  • Configure Your Own View: Each user can choose summary content they wish to see, and configure its location on their summary view.

Access to this data provides insight into the overall condition of the portfolio, the areas of greatest need and the status of particular facilities which may be critical to stakeholders.

Also, VFA FacilityView can integrate data from other enterprise systems, such as work order management or financial systems.

The biggest news is that VFA FacilityView allows facility managers to more easily communicate with stakeholders, who can access a holistic view of the portfolio and get an understanding of investment needs and priorities. VFA FacilityView lets facility managers demonstrate the critical role that facilities play in support of organizational objectives.

Want to learn more? Download the VFA FacilityView Product Data Sheet or view the Product Page.

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