New: Fun Fridays Focused on Famous Facilities

October 18, 2013

Fun Fridays is coming to VFA’s Foundations blog! Twice a month, we will be posting to our new Fun Friday series focused on famous facilities from history or fiction, and the issues their facility managers faced.

While the language will be light-hearted, we know facilities capital planning and management is serious business. Hopefully, some lessons can be learned from these facility managers and their facilities challenges, and you’ll enjoy the humor.

Some future posts to keep an eye out for:

  • “The Lord of the Rings” and the facility manager in charge of Helms Deep
  • Challenges for Versailles’ facility manager – including a large portfolio, aging systems, and angry mobs
  • “The Avengers” destroyed Manhattan – was Iron Man prepared for disaster?

If you have any ideas for the series, comment below or tweet us @VFAInc and your idea could be featured on our blog!

Remember, watch this space: the series will launch on Friday, October 25.

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