VFA.auditor: Take Control of Facility Data Collection

August 27, 2013

Today, facility managers can right-size the cost of gathering facility condition data using VFA.auditor. Take control and turn data into winning funding requests.

  • Self-service: Leverage existing facility staff knowledge with proven best-practice guidance
  • Consistent: Standardized assessment solution ensures consistent data across an entire portfolio
  • Efficient: use the latest mobile technology to improve speed and accuracy
  • Credibility and Results: current data enables better decisions

VFA.auditor is the mobile self-assessment tool for gathering facility condition data. VFA.auditor combines the power of mobile technologies, including the iPad® and Android™ tablet, with VFA’s extensive facilities assessment experience, enabling facility managers to utilize their own resources to quickly and cost-effectively conduct facility condition assessments. Check out the key benefits of adding a self-assessment approach to your facility condition assessment repertoire.

VFA.auditor Infographic
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