VFA.auditor: Buildings Magazine’s 2013 Money-Saver Product

August 5, 2013

VFA.auditor®, our patented guided self-assessment solution that allows organizations to perform their own facility condition assessments, has been selected as one of Buildings Magazine 2013 Money-Saving Products.

VFA.auditor is the go-to software for in-house staff to keep facility condition data up-to-date, identify problem areas, and capture information on targeted assets. Using VFA.auditor saves organizations time and money by providing better visibility and a more productive facility staff while increasing the frequency of data collection to ensure an accurate picture of current facility condition and deferred maintenance requirements. VFA.auditor offers process support, built-in expert content and key metrics so that the assessor is never left without assistance. Facility managers can then leverage the data collected in the creation of capital projects, plans and budgets.

VFA.auditor answers these key questions:
What’s in our facility portfolio?
Manage and rapidly capture facility details across the entire portfolio

Where are the problems?
Quickly identify “hot spots” and get the necessary details to determine next steps

What are the most pressing issues?
Prioritize identified issues and enhance capital planning efforts

What do we do with stale data?
Keep data up-to-date affordably with a VFA.auditor-based reassessment program

See how VFA.auditor can save you money and decrease time spent in the office.

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