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August 22, 2013

Many organizations are considering using their own facility staff to conduct facility condition assessments of their buildings. Getting started with a facility self-assessment program, however, can be intimidating. VFA Navigator enables organizations to be successful in deploying a productive self-assessment program through the use of VFA.auditor, a patented cloud-based guided self-assessment solution that provides facility managers with surveys to rapidly collect facility and building condition data.

The VFA team delivers a three-step program of planning, training and support:

  • Establish clear, achievable goals for the facility self-assessment program
  • On-site VFA training and assessment walk-through
  • Personalized “Ask-the-Expert” support and formal check-in to ensure that the program is successful

VFA Navigator was developed based on lessons learned in the field, and leverages best practices to support a smooth transition to a productive facility self-assessment program. The program is implemented by the highly experienced VFA Consulting team, providing a comprehensive end-to-end walk-through of VFA.auditor software, process, workflow, and best practices.

VFA.auditor helps facility managers to accurately, rapidly, and efficiently assess their facilities. VFA Navigator ensures their success.

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