Today, you can right-size the cost of gathering facility condition data. Take control and turn your data into winning funding requests.

  • Self-service: Leverage existing facility staff knowledge with proven best-practice guidance.
  • Consistent: Standardized assessment solution ensures consistent data across an entire portfolio.
  • Efficient: use the latest mobile technology to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Credibility and Results: current data enables better decisions.


“Upper management will see the value of being able to call you and get an answer in a timely manner because the data is current and available.” Florida International UniversityMore VFA.auditor Customer Experiences

What is VFA.auditor®?
VFA.auditor is a patented cloud-based guided self-assessment solution that provides you with surveys to rapidly collect facility and building condition data.

Auditor Facility Assessment Software

VFA.auditor combines the power of mobile technologies, including the iPad® and Android™ tablet, with our extensive facilities assessment experience, enabling you to utilize your own resources to quickly and cost-effectively conduct assessments. VFA.auditor users have quadrupled their assessment productivity and reduced office time from two weeks to two days. See how VFA.auditor works

VFA Auditor Time Savings

What can I do beyond facility surveys?
VFA.auditor is natively integrated with the VFA.facility® capital planning and management solution, enabling organizations to both manage information about facility assets and leverage that information in the creation of capital projects, plans and budgets.

How can I get started with facility self assessments?
VFA Navigator enables organizations to be successful in deploying a productive self-assessment program through the use of VFA.auditor.  The VFA team delivers a three-step program of planning, training and support.

  • Establish clear, achievable goals for the self-assessment program
  • On-site VFA training and assessment walk-through
  • Personalized “Ask-the-Expert” support and formal check-in to ensure the program is successful

VFA Navigator was developed based on lessons learned in the field, and leverages best practices to support a smooth transition to a productive self-assessment program.

VFA Navigator Program

What are customers saying about VFA.auditor?

james-madison-vfa-customer “Using VFA.auditor allows us to get ‘shop’ buy-in, and to involve those who know the facilities well.”
*JMU’s use of VFA.auditor has reduced office time from two weeks to two days, and the facility team has surveyed four times more square feet.

Florida International University Logo “Upper management will see the value of being able to call you and get an answer in a timely manner because the data is current and available.”

Dalhousie University Customer logo “Before VFA.auditor, if we weren’t actively doing work on or in a building, we had no insight into the condition of the building since its last assessment… Questions from management were difficult to answer because we had to acknowledge that reports were based on outdated data. VFA.auditor has enabled my team and our management to regain confidence in the data.”

black-hills-auditor-customer “Assessing a few buildings a week, using the guided process within VFA.auditor, and building the database over time has helped our team to strategically manage the company’s second largest investment – our facilities – more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.”

atlanta airport auditor customer logo “Our staff’s use of VFA.auditor results in a frequent, consistent data flow, and keeps the data more accurate and up to date. In addition, by using a standard process and data format, the data is consistent throughout no matter who captures the information, a benefit given staff turnover and the constantly changing airport environment.”

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