Video: Bringing Structure to Facilities Capital Planning

August 16, 2013

Bringing Structure to Facilities Capital Planning – Watch as David Gunter, Vice President and Director of Facilities Management at Union Bank, discusses how his organization is benefiting from a structured approach to facilities capital planning, including standardized, objective data collection and funding scenario analysis.

One of the issues faced by Union Bank, like many other organizations, was a lack of structure around facilities capital planning. The squeaky wheel always got the grease and the facilities team did not know how much to spend, where to spend it, and how to prioritize projects.

A major area of focus was the ability to do “what-if” funding scenarios. This let the facilities team demonstrate the impact of various funding levels on the portfolio. What happens if funding for deferred maintenance projects remains flat over time? What happens if you inject a higher level of funding up front?

Scenario analysis tools allow planners to project long-term costs and visually demonstrate the impact of different funding levels. They can evaluate different strategies for maintaining a targeted facility condition level, varying spending, timing and project content to see the impact on facility condition and the cost of capital over time.

Learn more about evaluating spending options and optimizing facilities capital planning through funding scenario analysis.

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