Five Benefits of Facility Self-Assessment for Hospitals

July 22, 2013

Auditor Asset Photos1. Go mobile to save time.

Using VFA.auditor® on mobile tablets gives you Wifi connectivity, photo management, and a mobile-optimized survey interface.  Data automatically syncs with the VFA.facility® database – no more wasting time with data entry!

2. Standardize data for all buildings.

Hospitals and healthcare systems often have clinics or other outlying buildings – standardize the data you gather across all different types of facilities.

3. Empower your staff.

Leverage existing staff to gather data, using their knowledge of facilities combined with the patented expert guidance and process in VFA.auditor.

4. Make better decisions.

With current, accurate data, you can make better decisions about what deferred maintenance projects to do first, and see the impact that various funding levels will have on facility condition.

Funding FCI Graph

Funding and FCI Graph Screenshot

5. Provide data on demand.

Be ready when executives ask for reports, cost estimates, and budget scenarios.
VFA Facility Dashboard

Asset Portfolio Dashboard

Visit VFA at the ASHE Annual Conference today to see a demo of VFA.auditor – see how a self-assessment program could benefit you.

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