At VFA, we understand how hard facilities management works in every organization which is why we are always so excited to celebrate WorldFM Day, a day to commemorate the latest achievements and successes in the FM profession globally. We are proud to support the innovators, change agents and leaders in the facilities management industry and encourage the team-centric theme “Creating, Sharing and Learning.

Despite hard economic times, people and organizations have been expected to do more with less. Budget-wise, facilities managers are expected to maintain and even improve their facilities on decreasing budgets. Professionally, facilities managers must fulfill requests for more budgetary reporting and work with technology previously unassociated with the field. These changes were met head-on by the FM community using collaborative efforts industry-wide and WorldFM Day acknowledges this. For the past 15 years, our assessment and software solutions has provided us with the opportunity to work side by side with some of the best FM teams domestically and internationally and we are continually impressed with the level of innovation and thought-leadership that we see day to day. Thank you FM leaders!

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Today, VFA Project Director Susan Buchanan, LEED-AP, speaks on “The Synergy between Asset Management and Sustainability” at the 22nd Annual National Aviation Environmental Management Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. She will be highlighting opportunities to improve both facility condition and sustainability.

In order to take a significant step towards an overall greener facility, sustainable improvements must be incorporated into long-term capital planning processes.


Starting Out

In order to effectively integrate sustainability into a capital plan, organizations must evaluate what improvements will ultimately provide the greatest long-term and short-term results. Once green initiatives are aligned with an organization’s overall business goals, a strategy can be mapped out so that competition with other capital and operational investments is resolved before any plan execution. While organizations may single out specific opportunities to improve building sustainability, ultimately those investments will need to be assessed in the context of other building requirements. Some green programs can have relatively low-cost initiatives that deliver short-term paybacks by reducing energy and natural resource consumption, bringing a short-term cost savings that reinforces the long-term plan to go green.

Going the Distance

Truly integrating sustainability into a long-term capital plan requires major changes, such as major building renovations or large-scale master planning programs. But there are many opportunities that can provide both short- and long-term environmental, social and economic benefits. Green building assessments make it possible to capture and evaluate these opportunities. By combining green initiatives with traditional maintenance and renewal requirements across an existing building portfolio, organizations can get a holistic view of a facility’s needs– allowing them to maximize operational efficiency while promoting a sustainably built environment.


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VFA Project Director Susan Buchanan to Discuss the Synergy between Asset Management and Sustainability

BOSTON—June 21, 2013—VFA, Inc., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management, today announced that VFA Project Director Susan Buchanan, LEED-AP, will be a guest speaker at the 22nd Annual National Aviation Environmental Management Conference on June 23-25, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Aviation and environmental professionals will discuss issues focused on this year’s conference theme, “Total Cost of Ownership.” Buchanan will present “The Synergy between Asset Management and Sustainability” on Monday, June 24, from 4 to 4:45 p.m. She will discuss the ways in which sustainable building practices need to be integrated into not only an airport’s daily facility management program, but also into long-term capital planning processes. Attendees will learn how combining green initiatives with traditional maintenance and renewal requirements across an existing building portfolio enables organizations to gain a holistic view of facility needs. This insight identifies opportunities to improve both facility condition and sustainability.

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This past week, VFA launched a new  LinkedIn group, Innovative Healthcare Facility Managers, focusing specifically on facility professionals in the healthcare industry. This forum provides professionals responsible for managing healthcare facilities with a platform to learn about and discuss advances in the field of facility planning and management. Points for discussion include advances in supportive technologies, benchmarking and best practices, challenges found in the healthcare industry, anecdotes and success stories.

When strategic facilities management is successful, organizations are able to deliver the highest quality patient care and medical attention available. This forum enables FM teams to have the skilled knowledge to do just that.

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VFA will be exhibiting at this year’s National Association of State Facilities Administrators (NASFA) National Conference & Expo in San Diego, California on June 9 through June 12. We are looking forward to the chance to meet with thought leaders and discuss how to adapt to changes in governmental direction and policies, as well as to learn about new strategies for holding down the cost of government. This event always provides a stimulating environment for innovative practices and fresh ideas.

In a continuing effort to drive and support thought leadership, VFA is sponsoring the 2013 Innovation Award. This year’s winner is the Georgia Building Authority, a team responsible for all maintenance and services involved with the management of buildings and facilities located in the Capitol Hill Complex.

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