VFA Connections: Spotlight On Breakout Sessions

April 8, 2013

Industry trends come from industry leaders and the Breakout Sessions at our VFA Connections customer conference spotlights these FM trailblazers. The Breakouts are designed to give our customers a chance to speak about their experiences in facilities capital planning and management, and this year’s sessions feature a variety of speakers from all fields and industries.

Beginning Monday, April 22, learn how Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt reduced subjective data and increased transparency in capital maintenance; ultimately leading them to a data-driven, mission-centric prioritization model that resulted in a defensible capital budget. Monday will also feature discussions on the importance of condition and inventory data during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, as well as the increasing focus on effective spending given the expected effect of the government sequestration on public entities. Other topics include “A Positive Approach to Making the Business Case for Facility Needs” and “Developing a Proactive Lifecycle Asset Management Program,” along with many others.

Monday will also feature a panel discussion entitled, “The Path to Self-Sufficiency.” Facility departments are looking for the right approach to obtain and maintain current facility condition data – one that meets their needs and budgets. The Four P’s (Program, Process, Productivity and Planning) of self-sufficiency can provide a framework. The panelists will discuss what they have learned, including how to establish an evergreen strategy for facility data; create a workflow that gets the most out of facility staff knowledge; increase productivity, reduce manual processes, and stay on top of the most pressing facility needs; and leverage data for enhanced strategy planning that impacts the entire organization.

On Tuesday, April 23, VFA Connections will feature Breakout Sessions focusing on managing risk, and on the need for functional adequacy data beyond facility condition to make decisions about the disposition of facilities.  There will also be a session with one of VFA’s own Project Directors, Susan Buchanan, as she breaks down how to efficiently integrate energy audits into facility capital planning, with a growing emphasis on energy savings opportunities. Tuesday’s Breakouts will also feature customer speakers on topics such as “Promoting the Maintenance and Renewal of Public Infrastructure” and “Moving the Organization Towards Change.”

VFA Connections is only two short weeks away, so start preparing your questions now for these exciting discussions on FM trends!


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