Today’s Webinar: Creating a Data Collection Program for Facilities Capital Planning

March 13, 2013

Higher education facility departments always seem to face the challenge of balancing budgets while fulfilling the needs of the campus and its users – and this is true now more than ever before. But with the right approach, obtaining and maintaining current facility condition data can be achieved regardless of budget constraints. The solution is data collection based on the framework of the Four P’s of self-sufficiency: Program, Process, Productivity and Planning.

Today’s complimentary webinar will discuss how major North American universities are successfully employing the Four P’s to:

  • Establish an evergreen strategy for facility data
  • Create a workflow that gets the most out of staff knowledge
  • Increase productivity, reduce manual processes and help managers stay on top of the most pressing facility needs
  • Leverage data for enhanced strategy planning that impacts the organization as a whole

Learn how university facility departments take a self-sufficiency approach to obtain and maintain current facility condition data, enabling strategic facilities capital planning and management decisions.

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Isn’t it time your facilities data collection became self-sufficient?


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