Facilities Capital Planning: More Efficient at Universities with Mobile Technology

February 25, 2013

Mobile Technology Increases Efficiency at College’s Facilities

We have officially entered the mobile world. A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism just released a survey that more than a third of U.S. adults employ mobile devices as their main platform for reading news. Forbes states that global mobile traffic represents nearly 13% of all Internet traffic in 2012. In this new mobile environment, it is imperative that businesses reflect the changing environment to match consumers’ needs.

Here at VFA, we take pride in the fact that we continue to innovate facilities capital planning solutions and adapt to current technologies year after year. Our facility self-assessment application, VFA.auditor Mobile™, has a tablet-style user interface that allows facility managers to gather consistent data at a faster rate. The software’s mobile capabilities and connection to VFA.facility® lets organizations shift their time spent collecting data to time spent analyzing results.

One practical application is taking place on college campuses. James Madison University utilized VFA.auditor Mobile to easily and effectively capture facility condition data. Using VFA.auditor on the Apple iPad has resulted in significant productivity gains for the college and allowed for a smooth integration of the facilities capital planning planning process into the University’s strategic planning efforts. JMU has been able to successfully manage their data using an in-house assessment program that keeps facility condition data current and actionable, allowing the university to focus on managing their growing facility portfolio and meeting state mandates.

Mobile devices provide a new and exciting platform that offers an endless array of opportunities for any business or organization, but has particular value for facility teams who act as stewards of the campus. To learn more about how JMU and other schools collect up-to-date data for self-sufficient facilities capital planning, register now for this upcoming live webinar on March 13.


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