Facilities Capital Planning Best Practices Lead to Funding

February 27, 2013

We see the cost of living rising all around us, sometimes faster than we can hope to keep up. Universities are no different. Even as tuition increases each year, it becomes harder for schools to fulfill funding requests as budgets are stretched farther and farther. Yet with rising enrollments and aging infrastructures, facilities teams are challenged to build a persuasive argument for more funding is greater than ever. The Ontario University System, with more than 80 million square feet of facilities across 19 universities, is a leader in strategic facilities capital planning. The sheer size of their facility portfolio alone posed a challenge, but since implementing a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) program eleven years ago, funding has increased by an average of $80 million. We are excited to invite you to attend our “How Ontario University System Supports the Educational Mission with Effective Capital Planning,” a live webinar on Thursday, February 28, 2013, to see just how these universities are succeeding.

You’ll hear how the Ontario University System:

  • Gathered defensible data on existing facility conditions and deferred maintenance
  • Built a persuasive argument for additional funding
  • Leverages best practice facility management tools across the entire portfolio
  • Provides consistent and comprehensive data to the Ontario University Presidents, Governing Boards, and the provincial government

The Ontario University System will share its best practices in facilities capital planning that led to increased funding and support for the educational mission.

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