Facility Self-Assessment: Just a Touch Away

September 21, 2012

By Ameeta Soni, Chief Marketing Officer, VFA, Inc.

Mobile applications are an increasingly popular tool for facility management, offering ease of use, consistency, and increased productivity. Last week, we announced the latest release of our facility self-assessment application, VFA.auditor Mobile™ version 4.0, which features a new tablet-style user interface familiar to those users of mobile devices. The touch-centric look and feel is similar to that of Apple’s iPad® and iPhone®, and works on iPads, Android® and Microsoft® tablets.

Facility staff gets access to over 500 building system templates with just a touch. Each system contains its own set of typical deficiencies to choose from, all with embedded RSMeans® cost data. Users can also view, update and close existing facility requirements, making the application more effective than ever for re-assessment activity.

Facility self-assessment with mobile devices is providing organizations with a more complete picture of their facilities and identifying the most pressing problems. It’s a mobile world, and increasingly facility managers are leveraging the use of mobile technology to be more efficient.

How is your organization addressing the mobility challenge?

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