Facility Condition and Educational Adequacy: Key Metrics

June 14, 2012

By Ameeta Soni, Chief Marketing Officer, VFA, Inc.

In the current issue of Educational Facility Planner, Bob Gorrell, director of New Mexico Public Schools Facilities Authority (NMPSFA), and Frank Salamone, senior business consultant at VFA, discuss the approach that NMPSFA took to prioritizing school facility needs statewide. The article, “Identifying and Funding the Greatest Needs in School Facilities,” reveals the need to consider not only the relative condition of schools, but also the educational adequacy standards set by the state.

Accurate, actionable information about facilities is vital to decision-makers, especially given the economic pressures on states. The ability to combine metrics on facility condition and educational adequacy and to rank schools accordingly has had a major impact on how New Mexico distributes funding.

In addition to facility condition, what other types of data are important to you?

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