Hot Topics in Facilities Capital Planning

May 23, 2012

By Ray Dufresne, Vice President, VFA, Inc.

A hot topic at the recent VFA Connections conference was the importance of facility condition assessments to reduce risk. Attendees discussed how to identify which facilities and systems are at risk, and how those risks can impact the safety, operations, production, business continuity, and reputation of an organization.

Another informative session examined how to implement a project prioritization process that allows facility managers to make the case for decisions based on an objective, technical perspective instead of opinions or emotional reactions. This process enables standardization and transparency, which are increasingly important in today’s environment.

Attendees also talked about strategies to ensure that data is relevant and accurate for decision-making, specifically the value of combining facility condition data with other types of data, such as educational adequacy, to meet certain reporting and decision support needs.

What are your drivers for facilities capital planning today?

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