ROI of Facilities Capital Planning and Management

January 27, 2012

By Ameeta Soni, Chief Marketing Officer, VFA, Inc.

In a recent article in Facilities Management Journal UK, Mike Kwok, SVP of Professional Services at VFA, points out that in today’s tight economic times, most organizations require a return on investment (ROI) justification for key expenditures. Securing the best solution for an effective, strategic facilities capital plan is no exception.

Some cost-saving scenarios that can result:

  • When facility conditions are known and scheduled repairs and renewals are performed, the likelihood of costly emergency repairs and down time, resulting in a loss of business continuity, is decreased.
  • Procurement costs are also lowered when organizations can view their entire portfolio of planned projects, enabling them to bundle projects and buy at reduced bulk rates.
  • Portfolio-wide project planning reduces the likelihood of duplicate purchases and over-buying.
  • When projects are planned in advance, there is sufficient time to send them out to bid for competitive pricing.
  • With solid condition data and benchmarks, organizations can model the economics of building repair vs. new construction.

Read the full article for more insight into how a successful strategic facilities capital planning solution provides facility managers with the tools and data required to justify value and optimize capital investments.

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