Identifying Deferred Maintenance is Just the First Step

December 7, 2011

By Ameeta Soni, Chief Marketing Officer, VFA, Inc.

The Tufts University online student newspaper, The Tufts Daily, published an article this week entitled “Study Finds University Should Spend $30 Million Per Year on Deferred Maintenance.” VFA conducted facility condition assessments at Tufts and provided cost estimates through VFA.facility.

Now they are moving on to prioritizing these projects, given that their annual budget for deferred maintenance is just over $17 million. Dick Reynolds, Vice President for Operations, makes an excellent point in the article, observing that, “Even though a building might be number three on the list of what needs to be done, there might be one that’s number six that might be more important to us.” The strategic importance of buildings to the university’s mission is critical in making vital funding decisions. And obviously, students take an interest in the condition of the university facilities because it impacts them every day.

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