America’s Largest Public School Districts: In Need of Facility Funding

November 16, 2011

By Ameeta Soni, Chief Marketing Officer, VFA, Inc.

In October, the Council of the Great City Schools released a report called “Facility Needs and Costs in America‚Äôs Great City Schools.” The report finds that 50 major city public school systems have approximately $15.3 billion in new construction needs; $46.7 billion in repair, renovation, and modernization needs; and $14.4 billion in deferred maintenance needs. The total facilities needs in these 50 major school districts amount to about $76.5 billion or approximately $8.9 million per school.

The types of needs identified include HVAC upgrades; plumbing, roof, window, and door repairs; fire code and other safety upgrades; interior and exterior painting; sidewalk and parking lot repaving; electrical and lighting upgrades; locker and boiler replacements; bus-depot repairs; and masonry repairs.

Some of these school districts have detailed, objective information on their facility needs and are able to forecast required funding for the next several years. Others are lacking the tools to do so. These schools enroll over five million children, so clearly, the aging facility portfolio in these districts must be addressed in order to provide appropriate, healthy and safe learning environments. The need for accurate facility condition data and costs is clear.

VFA’s Facilities Assessments can help organizations carefully maintain the necessary data for optimal decision making.

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