Guided Facility Self-Assessment: An Option in Challenging Times

September 15, 2011

By Keith O’Leary, Director of Product Marketing, VFA, Inc.

When budgets are tight, facility managers need to effectively manage their building portfolios and make smarter capital planning decisions. Yet, it is challenging to prioritize deferred maintenance projects, minimize risk, and develop justifiable funding requests with incomplete, inaccessible or dated facilities condition information.

 Guided facility self-assessment is one option.  It enables facility managers to:

  • Identify deficiency “hot spots” across the portfolio that need professional facility condition assessments
  • Create quick budgetary estimates
  • Cost-effectively audit a large facility or geographically dispersed portfolio

Guided self-assessment can be a solution to today’s economic challenges.

 See a short video tour of VFA.auditor, a guided self-assessment solution with mobile support.

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