The View from NASFA: Creative Solutions to Facility Budget Challenges

June 22, 2011

By Keith O’Leary, Director of Product Marketing, VFA, Inc.

I attended the National Association of State Facilities Administrators (NASFA) 2011 National Conference and Expo last week in Colorado, where the focus was squarely on the issue of budget challenges. With most states experiencing continuing budget shortfalls and facing the repercussions of fewer resources, the need for more cost-effective methods for capturing facility condition data was clear. A case in point is a Southern state that recently lost several assessors due to budget cuts, but has the facility staff and knowledge to use a guided self-assessment tool to collect the condition data needed for budgetary justification.

One of our clients, James Madison University, spoke at the conference about their experience in leveraging VFA.auditor, Web-based guided self-assessment software, and a centralized database to decrease costs and double their efficiency in data collection. Response to the session generated interest among the states in attendance as well as in subsequent roundtable discussions.

How are you gathering the facility data you need to get project funding?

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