The Importance of Maintaining the Program

April 7, 2011

Michael Kwok

By Mike Kwok, Senior Vice President, Professional Services, VFA, Inc.

You’ve done an assessment, you have high quality data about your facilities, you’ve provided defensible capital budgets and plans, and obtained the necessary funding.  Great!  Now . . . time has passed, your data is no longer current, you need an updated plan, and you’re wondering – what is the next step?

At the upcoming VFA Connections customer conference, I’m moderating an interactive panel of VFA customers who will discuss maintaining their facilities capital planning program, addressing the critical issue of outdated data, and the approaches they are taking, depending on the issues they face: limited budgets, growing portfolios, increased pressure to support mission-critical facilities.

How is the problem being solved?  How can facility managers leverage the investment in facility assessments and continue to maintain an effective foundation for capital planning?  Stay tuned . . .

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