VFA.auditor® v2.0 Lets Organizations Gain Insight into Facility Portfolios, Supports Strategic Capital Planning

BOSTON – January 26, 2010 –VFA, Inc., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management, today announced the release of version 2.0 of its content-driven facility self-assessment solution, VFA.auditor.

VFA.auditor is a Web-based facility-centric survey solution that leverages VFA’s industry-leading domain expertise to standardize facility data collection. This latest release enhances the Building Condition Content Library while establishing a platform for future types of survey content.

Facility managers are always under pressure to trim budgets while ensuring that facilities are still properly maintained and providing the same level of service to the organization. VFA introduced VFA.auditor to enable organizations to quickly identify facility “hot spots” – those areas in urgent need of attention – and support the development of overall capital budget estimates for their entire portfolio. VFA.auditor empowers facility managers with a solution that can rapidly collect data about the condition of facilities and major building systems. New enhancements to VFA.auditor include the VFA assessor-based content platform, dynamic Web survey generation, real-time cost calculations, building system lifecycle details, survey template designer, enhanced survey administration and a new set of survey-centric reports.

Organizations of all types are using VFA.auditor to deploy a standardized, efficient facility data collection solution – including corporations as well as federal and state government agencies such as the U.S. General Services Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Maine Department of Education.

VFA.auditor 2.0 enables organizations to:

  • Utilize VFA’s best practice domain expertise to collect the right data across a spectrum of building types;
  • Tailor surveys to target specific building systems, leading to more accurate maintenance reporting and capital planning;
  • View the estimated costs of facility deficiencies and calculate a running Facility Condition Index;
  • Capture building system lifecycle-related data to drive the automated maintenance renewal tracking and reporting functionality in VFA.facility®
  • Push existing asset data out to surveys for field validation and updates;
  • Manage survey assessment activity and the data output coming in from the field; and
  • Promote self-service and address portfolio needs of all sizes.

“VFA.auditor is the ideal solution to capture facility-centric data,” said Jerry Kokos, president and CEO, VFA, Inc. “Employing a consistent, centralized self-assessment process, whether it’s a complement to existing professional assessment services or an alternative approach to capturing asset data, enables organizations to develop accurate, effective capital plans.”

To schedule a demonstration of VFA.auditor v2.0, please visit http://www.vfa.com/demo.htm.

Customers in Corporate, Education, Government and Healthcare Sectors
Enabled to Meet Unique Business Challenges with Facilities Capital Planning and Spend Management Solutions

BOSTON – January 25, 2010 –VFA, Inc., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management, today announced profitable growth of 20 percent in 2009. VFA added 37 new customers across six vertical markets, including corporate, education, government and healthcare. As a result of this growth, VFA was able to add 19 new hires in 2009.

In 2009, VFA expanded and enhanced its service and product offerings to better help its customers to meet their unique business challenges. Enhancing VFA.facility®, the company’s award-winning capital planning and asset management solution, VFA brought users increased business intelligence and reporting capabilities with the 9.0 release. Additionally, VFA introduced a new Energy Assessment service to help customers evaluate potential energy conservation measures for a building, or an entire portfolio, based on cost savings and measures that will provide the greatest impact on energy consumption.

“VFA’s growth in 2009 is particularly gratifying given that it was accomplished in a very challenging economic environment,” said Jerry Kokos, CEO of VFA. “Our immediate future looks just as promising, with our 2010 plan calling for comparable growth. We will also see increased investment in new software and services, such as the release of VFA.auditor 2.0, which will have a new content-driven facility self-assessment platform that will greatly enhance the facility data collection process. We also have 46 new hires planned in 2010 to support this growth.”

Continued Kokos, “With increasing pressure on organizations to comply with green mandates, enhanced sustainability capabilities in VFA’s software and service offerings will take a front seat in 2010. Additionally, VFA will continue the internationalization of its solutions in support of its growing global customer base.”

In 2009, VFA was named to the Software 500, Software Magazine’s list of the world’s top software and service providers for the seventh consecutive year and selected for the Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Award. The company was also selected as a finalist and received a highly commended certificate for FM Excellence in a Major Project as part of the 2009 British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) International Investors Awards for its work with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to audit and strategically manage its real estate.

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