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VFA and R&K to Help WHS Develop Capital Plans and Projects for the Pentagon and Other Support Buildings

BOSTON – September 29, 2009 – R&K Engineering, the leading provider of real property analysis, space utilization and master planning, and VFA, Inc., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and spend management, today announced that they are partnering to provide real property support for Washington Headquarters Services (WHS). R&K Engineering will provide real property management and support for the entire WHS real property portfolio. VFA will assess the condition of 8.5 million square feet of WHS facilities—including the Pentagon, support buildings and outside areas such as the Pentagon Memorial.

WHS and other government organizations require objective facility condition data in order to develop capital plans and projects. Through its partnership with R&K Engineering, VFA will provide facility condition assessments (FCA) to be conducted over a five-year period, as well as related consulting services for prioritization and project planning. VFA’s assessment will document all current building deficiencies at the WHS—encompassing the structure, systems and components—and then estimate the associated costs for repair, renewal and code compliance. The FCA will determine immediate and long-term cost liabilities for deferred maintenance, building component lifecycle renewal, code compliance and functional inadequacies.

This project is critical to the long-term viability of the Pentagon and its supporting real property portfolio. The VFA assessment of the facility conditions will lead to long-term planning, bringing the Pentagon up to modern building standards and codes. R&K Engineering will provide management for the WHS real property portfolio and will keep an accurate inventory of the real property database, which is used annually to calculate funding requirements for facility sustainment and operations.

“As part of the WHS, the Pentagon and associated facilities are compelled to address current operational requirements, capital funding scenarios and facility renewal forecasting as part of their capital project planning efforts,” said Jim Askew, vice president, R&K Engineering. “VFA’s facilities capital planning and assessment services are the perfect complement to our real property program management skills.”

“Maintaining detailed, accurate data about facility assets helps organizations to effectively plan for their long-term capital needs,” said Jerry Kokos, president and CEO, VFA, Inc. “VFA is thrilled to work with R&K Engineering on this highly prestigious and important project because of the operational importance of the Pentagon and its image as the center of America’s defense.”

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Helps Multi-national Corporations and Government Organisations to Reduce Capital Spending

Reading, U.K.—October 5, 2009 – VFA, Ltd., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and spend management, today announced ongoing adoption of its capital management software and facility audit services in the United Kingdom. VFA’s flagship software product, VFA.facility®, and its self-assessment solution, VFA.auditor®, are helping U.K. clients to better understand the conditions and requirements of their real estate assets, evaluate the impact of potential changes to their portfolios, and optimise their capital investments in facilities.

The current economic landscape has brought on widespread budget constraints in the U.K., changing the focus of facility managers to extending the life of existing buildings rather than building new ones. To optimally manage building assets, organisations need to understand how each asset supports strategic business objectives in order to effectively direct capital investments.

An increasing number of U.K. organisations, including multi-national corporations and government organisations, are now looking to VFA to determine the current condition of facilities, the backlog of deferred maintenance, and upcoming renewal requirements so that they may create the foundation for a long-term capital plan. Available now, VFA.facility provides a central source of facilities information that forms the basis for portfolio-wide capital planning and budgeting, while VFA.auditor helps organisations to quickly and cost-effectively capture key data about their facility portfolios using a Web-based survey platform.

“Successful capital plans—and their effective execution—enable organisations to reduce both risk and cost, provide facilities that are less expensive to operate, promote a better working environment, and better serve the overall organisational goals and objectives,” said Bonnie McLellan, vice president/director of global strategic accounts at VFA, Ltd. “Even with vast and complex real estate portfolios, VFA is making it possible to strategically manage every stage of the capital asset lifecycle—from requirements gathering and long-term planning to capital budget development and, ultimately, alignment of facilities with strategic organizational goals.”